Valentina Ferrara

Reaching people in need with what they deserve and supporting the people working to assist and protect them is what drives me. Being involved with the more operational and direct side of aid and assistance helps me remain practice-focused and mindful when it comes to creatively designing the use we make of evaluation. I strive to harness the full potential of our work by aiming at being transformative, while adapting to constantly changing situations and environments.

Involvement with the more operational side of aid helps me remain practice-focused when creatively designing the use we make of evaluation

Valentina Ferrara has been involved in the international development and humanitarian sector since 1991. Soon thereafter, she became a founding board member of Care & Share, an NGO dedicated to the protection, care and education of children in need. She has collaborated alongside other local organisations advocating for the defense of the rights of the most vulnerable. A research study on the juvenile justice system in India was her first effort to evaluate the implementation of a public policy, in an attempt to hold accountable those responsible for human rights violations.

She is an expert in non-profit management and holds a BA in Cross-Cultural Studies focused on migration and international development. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in the Evaluation of Programs and Public Policies.

Prior to joining DAHLIA, Valentina managed institutional relations and partnerships while coordinating fundraising activities within DARA, an independent non-profit organisation committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian action through evaluation and research.

Trained in the evaluation of humanitarian aid, she has participated in desk research for multiple evaluations and studies for a variety of actors since 2007 and has also collaborated with the Humanitarian Response Index team, revising the project’s methodology as well as conducting field research.

In DAHLIA she is involved in the development of innovative solutions to follow-up on the implementation of evaluations, while revising evaluation efforts and analysing recommendations for crisis-affected countries within the Humanitarian Track 5 project.

With the intention of enhancing the utilisation of evaluations, she will be investigating the use of video and other audiovisual and participatory techniques to complement the evaluative process as a mean of giving a powerful overview of evaluation findings, while capturing the views of affected communities in their own words and settings.

Reaching people in need, and supporting those working to assist and protect them, is what drives me