Victor G. Carreño

Working with Dahlia allows me to contribute as a photographer, audiovisual producer and graphic designer to make others reflect.

Images are key for connectivity and social interaction, although we do not often reflect on their meaning.

Víctor G. Carreño is a photographer and visual artist specialised in documentary photography and video projects. He is also a graphic designer increasingly focusing on the visual identity of humanitarian assistance and development organisations and projects. In this context, he produces documentary videos, photoessays, photobooks and exhibitions. He has recently been responsible for adapting audiovisual participatory methodologies to the evaluation of humanitarian projects in the Saharawi camps (Algeria).

During the last four years, Víctor has been director of photography and audiovisual production with Heart Healthy Hoods (HHH), a European Union Research Project undertaken by the University of Alcalá in Spain and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, US. His photographs for HHH have been published e.g. in the Spanish newspaper El País and the International Journal of Epidemiology, University of Oxford.

He has exhibited his work and curated exhibitions in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Mexico and Colombia. He has e.g. conceived and developed the art festival “Hoy es 2030”, which counted with the participation of more than 70 artists from 15 countries, in Madrid in June 2016. The project was finalist of the II Prize of Cultural Innovation of Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona in 2017.

As a visual artist, he is or has been part of research and creation groups such as Sin Créditos (regional government of Madrid), Escuelita (Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo), and La Colmena (plataforma cultural La Grieta).


In the context of humanitarian crisis or natural disasters, how we capture and select images matters.