At Dahlia, we strongly believe that we need to go beyond the traditional barriers of aid and evaluation and intersect with new and different actors from other fields. We feel that there is a lot to learn from other fields that we need to apply to our own. We want to view our cause and what we are passionate about from a different perspective and angle and apply different methods.

Dahlia wants to add the sum of talent, ideas, concepts and creativity to improving response and has established an innovation lab to this end. We are constantly looking for talented and innovative entrepreneurs, Internet explorers, graphic designers and illustrators that could participate in the development of an open access platform to share information and boost communication in our areas of concern.

This innovative laboratory feeds into our different programmes:

  • The traffic-light system survey method assesses progress in implementing recommendations from evaluations
  • Our evaluations and assessments on two way communication in different crises
  • Our assessment to identify adequate options for bridging the gap between relief and development

If you are now or have been in the field, you are welcome to collaborate with us and contribute to a better and field based approach. We will be developing platforms for you to provide input and feedback.

As you can see, we are definitively interested in connecting with like-minded professionals who share our mission. If you are one of them, why not get in touch and see how we could work together!

If you want to collaborate please drop us a line at
You are in the field!
It’s time to intersect with new and different actors