Dahlia - Bridging gaps in responseDahlia - Bridging gaps in responseDahlia - Bridging gaps in response
Dahlia - Bridging gaps in response

Meet Dahlia

Dahlia – Development and Humanitarian Learning in Action is a non profit organisation created by a group of independent evaluation and communication professionals with a passionate mission: to improve the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian response and development efforts through enhanced two-way communication, stronger linkages and better evaluation. We understand that there is a need for improved evaluation. We feel that making progress on these issues is the most effective way to prompt change and improve response.

Dahlia - Bridging gaps in response

The humanitarian landscape has changed dramatically and development paradigms are challenged. Now more than ever, there is a need and an opportunity to be global and interconnected. An international network of like-minded professionals has come together to develop Dahlia. The network is partnering with innovative entrepreneurs in the field of the internet, two-way communications and information management. Dahlia combines deep passion and knowledge of today’s most pressing issues with an impatience for results. We want to create change in our lifetimes.

We are global and interconnected
Creating change in
our lifetimes
Dahlia - Bridging gaps in response