Our Team

Dahlia’s team is composed of experienced professionals in humanitarian assistance, development aid, evaluation and communication, who are passionate and committed to a shared mission.

We are an eclectic mix of specialists working together and exchanging thought provoking ideas. We combine field expertise with innovation to find ways to accelerate progress in our field of work.


Ricardo Sole Arques

I have found in humanitarian action the natural expansion of the medical vocation, and the challenges associated to be similarly addressable trough common sense, evidence based approaches, experience, and compassion. Everyone’s right to health and to an adequate coverage of needs in case of catastrophic events is my essential concern. Addressing communication challenges and ways to bridge curative action with preventive measures and capacity building ones makes this tasks more comprehensive, sensible and ultimately useful.



Ruya Leghari

I have come to appreciate that humanitarian values can have little significance unless translated into effective action. The challenge is no small one; to make it a reality, improved communication on aid efforts is essential. Only by enhancing communication can we ensure that humanitarian actors, donors and beneficiaries are better informed, better able to communicate their needs and better equipped to improve response. Communications helps bridge the gap between relief and recovery, helping to better serve victims of crisis the world over.



Silvia Hidalgo

In a world where we learn the hard way that things can go terribly wrong for people who deserve so much better we have to constantly challenge ourselves and improve response. We must seek positive change and strive to do better. I have learned that good intentions alone are never enough and that we must be accountable for what we set out to achieve but continue to believe and strive to think big.



Velina Stoianova

I have always been passionate about studying donors’ policies, analysing the implementation of lessons learnt and good practice, and understanding private humanitarian donorship.



Gilles Gasser

I have always enjoyed going to the field to listen people and try to understand their reality. This prompted me to become journalist and then a consultant on communication and humanitarian aid. Now, I want to go a step further and dedicate all my experience and creativity to improving communication processes and information flows within the humanitarian system.



Elisa Turullols

Helping change this world for the better in this lifetime is what urges me to take action. In this current world we learn about tragedies once they have already happened. Better communication would have prompted the needed response to prevent the tragic and yet completely avoidable death of hundreds of refugees in the past few years. I, therefore, am committed to add my bit and support improve
humanitarian responses through improved communication.




Víctor G. Carreño

Images are key for connectivity and social interaction, although we do not often reflect on their meaning. In the context of humanitarian crisis or natural disasters, how we capture and select images matters. My work is to communicate a harsh reality through photos and videos while in some way creating awareness to improve that reality. I thus spend long hours reflecting on the impact that images may have as they reach others. Working with Dahlia allows me to contribute as a photographer, audiovisual producer and graphic designer to make others reflect.