Gilles Gasser

I have always enjoyed going to the field to listen people and try to understand their reality. This brought me to become journalist and then a consultant on communication and humanitarian aid. Now, I want to go a step further and dedicate all my experience and creativity to improving communication processes and information flows within the humanitarian system.

Active in developing new partnership with innovative entrepreneurs

Gilles Gasser is a journalist and independent consultant specialising in humanitarian aid issues and communication. He was Head of Mission of the NGO Équilibre in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990s and later worked as an expert in the humanitarian offices of the European Commission in Sarajevo, Tirana and Pristina. He has undertaken studies for the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition and worked as senior communication adviser, developing strategies, campaigns and evaluations for the Spanish Cooperation, DARA, FRIDE, the Club of Madrid and The Spanish Water Fund (FCAS).

He always combined his commitment for humanitarian and development issues with journalism and film direction. He has directed documentaries and reports for Spanish and French public channels. He also collaborates with the cinema industry. He was the researcher and interviewer of the Spanish Academy Award Winning documentary “Son of the Clouds”, produced by actor Javier Bardem, on the Western Sahara crisis. As a journalist, he worked for the French radio station Europe 1 and TV channels working in former Yugoslavia, the occupied Palestinian Territories, Colombia, Algeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Ireland/Belfast, Nicaragua, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and New Caledonia.

Now, with Dahlia, he will be particularly involved in the evaluation and assessment of two-way communication in different crisis situations. He will also be very active in developing new partnerships with innovative entrepreneurs in e-technology and data collection to develop useful tools to improve humanitarian response.


I want to dedicate my experience and creativity to improve communication processes within the humanitarian system