The HT5 is a new initiative that seeks to communicate and follow up on the level of implementation of key recommendations from evaluations. The project aims to see whether recommendations are acted upon with a view to improving response.

Evaluations strive to contribute to improving response providing information about what works, what doesn’t and why. They include recommendations to help to improve practice.

Far too often evaluation recommendations within the same crisis are repeated and not acted upon. Evaluations are as a result increasingly perceived as a burden.

The Humanitarian Track 5 project

Tracking system to assess progress in implementing recommendations from evaluations.

The HT5 project offers a snap shot summarizing key recommendations extracted from available evaluations and reviews. The project directly engages with partners in the field and solicits their informed judgement on the level of implementation of recommendations emerging from evaluations.

In selected countries, the HT5 project seeks feedback from affected populations on the level of progress of key pertinent recommendations. In this way, the initiative seeks to increase the level of accountability and strengthen two-way communication.

HT5 2014 Missions


Mali Ethiopia
Afghanistan occupied Palestinian territories
Central African Republic Pakistan
Chad Philippines
Colombia Somalia
DR Congo Sudan
Haiti Syria
Myanmar Yemen

Success/ Implemented/ On Track/ No action required

Mixed/ Underway with some concerns and action required

Unsatisfactory/ No action/ Stalled